Professional network: CSA studio + GVG engineering Srl

In order to better penetrate the markets and public tendering procedures, in particular for more complex buildings and for infrastructure projects, in 2019 CSA studio together with GVG engineering, created a network called ProgeLAB, where GVG engineering is responsible for mainly engineering and final design, while CSA studio for architectural design, supervision of works and construcion site safety.

Operations are at times governed by one of the two firm components of the network, acting as authorised representative taking on the function of contract manager and who is furthermore responsible for the coordination of its management and relationships with clients, while the associate firm assures to the principal its technical support at every stage of the design and execution of the project. References regarding jobs therefore belong to both components of the network.

The first management committee of the network composed by engineer Alessandro Grassi (partner of GVG Engineering Srl) president, and vice president architect engineer Mario Serini (partner of CSA studio).

As a general rule, the main activities carried out by the various members of the network are divided as follows:

GVG Engineering

  • Infrastructure engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Civil structural engineering
  • Hydraulic engineering

CSA studio

  • Construction/architectural design
  • Structural design for buildings
  • Urban planning and landscaping
  • Supervision of works
  • Construction site safety