Architect junior Giada Cattaneo

CSA studio Associate for: Development of technical design documentation.

Born in Rho in 1992, Giada graduated at an artistic high school where she studied architecture. She obtained a degree in Architectural Sciences at the Politecnico of Milan in 2015. Giada Cattaneo is registered in the Register of Architects for the province of Milan in section B under the no. 19981 since the year 2017. From 2011 to 2014 she collaborated with an agronomist specialized in architectural landscaping, representing her designs predominantly with freeform drawing techniques. She trained and developed in her profession following a specific path taken while working with Serini Associati Arch-ing, in the following fields: architectural planning and design, authorization design, technical design that systematises with construction engineering specialist designs, allowing her to govern independently a construction authorization process and to furthermore master the production process documentation, which includes mainly graphics, typical of technical studies. She is especially and culturally interested in themes regarding the history of architecture, even in comparative key to the history of art. She possesses advanced competencies when it comes to using software that deal with vector drawings, such as Autocad and Illustrator, as well as programs that deal with raster objects, such as Photoshop. She has good knowledge of Indesign, a layout program and of solid modeling through Sketch up with its production of 3D render. She is now training for BIM (Building Information Modeling).