Engineer Oliviero Guffanti

CSA studio Associate for: Environmental and Building Acoustics.

Born in 1965 in Como, after obtaining a scientific high school diploma, Oliviero Guffanti obtained a degree in Electronical Engineering with a specialization in automation. Oliviero is registered in the Register of Engineers of the province of Como under the no. 1725 since 1994. He has been recognised as a Competent environmental and building acoustics expert in according with italian law and Lombardy rules. He is appointed as Safety coordinator for permanent or temporary construction sites and as RSPP (safety manager for workplaces) for all ATECO sectors. He worked as an IT consultant in the company field and as a technology design teacher for a State high school, his expertise has brought him to collaborate with consulting companies (Progetto Ambiente S.r.l in Appiano Gentile; S.P.I.L s.a.s in Tradate) as a safety advisor and acoustics expert on worksites. He is responsible for the protection and prevention service of various companies in the province of Como, Varese, Milano. He is well known in the environmental acoustics and construction field in the province of Como, Lecco, Varese, Milano, Monza Brianza, Bergamo and Lodi. He has carried out important assignments in environmental acoustics in the following fields: classification of municipal territory in acoustic areas (various municipalities of the provinces: Como, Lecco, Varese, Milano, Monza Brianza); noise climate assessment for urban implementation plans, for school and hospital construction; assessment of noise impact for new industrial and commercial areas as well as for road projects. To carry out measuring activities, Oliviero uses integrating sound level meters: Svantek 59 with svantek microphone; NTI Audio XL2 with Pacific microphone; Bruel & Kijaer sound calibrator. For the passive acoustic requirements he is equipped with a dodecahedron 01dB; tapping machine 01dB; amplified speaker for outside Irex. For environmental acoustics Oliviero uses a specific software for the simulation of the propagation of sound, Cadna by Datakustik. Oliviero Guffanti has been collaborating with Studio Serini Associati Arch-ing since 2015.