Lawyer Marco Alampi

CSA studio Associate for: Legal assistance and advice.

Born in Rho in 1974, after his high school diploma, Marco Alampi obtained a degree in Law in the year 2000 at the University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan, with a thesis in Italian and comparative constitutional law. He has been registered with the Register of Lawyers of the province of Milan under the no. 2014002538 since 2006. He is a Master in corporate legal affairs with specific competencies in resolution methods regarding litigation for ISDACI (Istituto per lo Studio e la Diffusione dell’Arbitrato e del Diritto Commerciale Internazionale), and has furthermore pursued courses in the following fields: forensic ethics, civil law, administrative law and criminal law. After a period of forensic practice and apprenticeship at the Registrar’s Office of Companies of Milan, he has worked for years at Asppi (Associazione Sindacale Piccolo Proprietari Immobiliari) in the fields of: negotiation of contracts for leases, credit recovery, drafting of opinions in relation to civil law with particular reference to real estate law. As a freelancer, he possesses experience in: leases, condominiums, linked liabilities and contracts, consequential damages, personal injury, consumer protection rules, credit recovery, negotiation of contracts, labour law , family law, wills, retirement laws, customer management. With Serini Associati Arch-ing. Marco has looked after various disputes in the construction field related to administrative and technical aspects. Due to his excellent public speaking skills, he has cultivated remarkable mediation and problem solving capabilities, as well as organisational skills in human resource management combined with decision making ability. He reserves systematic care to the drawing up of legislative acts, following a detailed study and preparatory phase; He therefore contributes to CSA studio, from a legal standpoint when it comes to the management of the technical procedures, both when concerning client relationships as well as aspects related to administrative law in the technical field and public sector tendering. Apart from being a well-known lawyer, Marco is a lyrical concert singer having taken a variety of protagonist roles in theatre productions.