Surveyor Matteo Gaifami

CSA studio Associate for: Tender manager.

Born in Milan in 1964, after his high school diploma as a surveyor, he did his professional qualification exams and then moved on to obtain a master degree in Philosophy and Theology. He is registered in the Register of Surveyors in the province of Milan under the no. 870491T since the year 2017. Since 1995 he has been teaching as a qualified teacher in the high school, his first job was with the technical institute for surveyors “G. Cassinis” of Milan in 1998. He grew professionally in the construction company sector while collaborating with Costruzioni Montagna of Pesaro mainly looking after the coordination of job order acquisitions for the northern part of Italy and furthermore developing customer loyalty with companies that include: SEA S.p.A.; Sviluppo Sistema Fiera; Infrastrutture Lombarde, Regione Lombardia. Until 2015 he was member of the board of directors for the company Inarco S.r.l. for which he worked for over 15 years with various administrative duties. He was in charge of company training and safety, carrying out the functions of quality responsible and referent for ISO and OHSAS certificates, enhancing the enterprise thus obtaining for categories and maximum achievable amounts. He has also collaborated in the competitive tendering sector for Gencantieri S.p.A. where he became familiar with SAP system for contracts with important clients of the international chemical and pharmaceutical sector. At CSA studio he looks after the coordination of the tender office where he takes care also of the creation of temporary professional associations when required. He is engaged in Sintel e-procurement system, too.