Serini Associati Arch-ing.

The associate studio Serini Associati Arch-Ing. has been in business since 1996 and is composed by two professionals that not only share a professional firm but indeed a life project: Silvia Peca, qualified as a professional Architect in Milan in 1993, and Mario Vittorio Serini, qualified as a professional Architect in Milan in 1992 and later as a professional Engineer (civil environmental branch) in Pavia in 2004.

The firm is active predominantly on a local market and well rooted in the Rho territory, province of Milan and with some projects even in the neighbouring provinces. It carries out professional activities in the following sectors :

  • Urban Planning
  • Full coordinated planning for real estate interventions
  • Design for building and renovation works
  • Supervision of works and construction site safety
  • Testing, certifications and legal technical advices

Since 2016 the two associates merged their professional energies such as co-founders of the project CSA Studio, thus showing the value of their experience in a broader context: they have however continued to be active maintaining their company name in order to carry on working in their historical market, taking advantage of their fruitful exchange of experience and resources in a complementary way, and not at all competitive, with the activities of CSA Studio. Over the years – and following their personal inclinations, Silvia Peca more focused on architectural themes and Mario Serini more focused on urban planning and engineering – have gathered a reliable group of collaborators. Some of them currently collaborating with CSA studio both in the project design activities as well as expert consultancy (structural calculations, fire protection, topography, geology, energy design and electrical engineering).