Geologist Cristiano Nericcio

CSA studio Associate for: Geological, geotechnical and hydrological advice.

Born in Borgomanero in 1972, after obtaining a diploma at a classical high school, Cristiano Nericcio obtained a Geology doctorate specialising in environmental studies. He is registered in the Register of Geologist of the Lombardy region under no. 1261AP since the year 2004, Cristiano perfected his profession in the geotechnical field collaborating immediately with professional offices and then by creating his own consulting agency of geology applied to civil engineering (building foundations and geotechnical structures). The geotechnical and environmental surveys represent the main fields of application, and until today there has not been a shortage in investments yet in the hydrogeological field (for water-wells design) and geo-archaeological field (paleo-environmental reconstructions). Cristiano began working with CSA studio after having previously worked with CSA studio partner ing. Partner Silvio Valloni. He has done about 250 professional contracts, completed in the regions of Lombardia, Piemonte, Liguria. He has done consulting for the Cave Ticino of Varallo Pombia as laboratory head for internal testing. He has marked attention for the naturalistic field, having been conservator for the collections of the naturalistic artefacts of the municipality of Sesto Calende, environmental hiking guide, and naturalistic guide, with sectorial publications. He masters the use of software such as: CAD; GIS; software for the elaboration and modeling of 3D surfaces of aquifers; software for geotechnical analisys. He is expert in using the following instruments: medium dynamic penetrometer COMPAC, water level indicators, drills for first soil sampling, metal detectors.