Surveyor Paolo Bertoni

CSA studio Associate for: Cadastral activity and architectural or topographic surveys.

Born in Pavia in 1971, Paolo Bertoni obtained his diploma as a surveyor. He is registered in the Register of Surveyors in the province of Pavia under the no. 3525 since the year 1997. He has great experience in the topographic, cadastral and in construction field as well as being an expert consultant. From 2007 to 2011 he operated as a partner with Studio Associato Bertoni e Stancanelli which later closed down due to the premature passing of one of the partners. He has worked as a freelance partner of Studio Serini Associati Arch-ing since 2012. He has carried out the cadastral activities such as splitting, topographic surveys for various public administration offices in the province of Pavia, plane-altimetic surveys for urban planning rules and construction design, topographic tracking activities for building companies for further operational support of construction sites, as well as land registration of buildings for the private sector for all kinds of building categories and cadastral engineering practice. He is equipped with a surveying Total station laser tool Nikon NPL-352 [±(3+2ppm x D)mm (–10°C to +40°C)]. CSA studio supports the surveying activities by using a FM-APRFT300 drone driven by a professional certified Enac pilot.