Architect Silvia Peca

Born in Milan in 1965, with a degree in Architecture obtained at the Politecnico of Milan and qualified therein, listed in the Register of Architects of Milan under the number 9281, Sivia Peca has an artistic training, a liberal profession and some liberal passions and has illustrated natural science books and published stories. An athletic past, a husband and two kids. In the 1980’s she had already perfected herself at the studios led by some masters of Italian design: DePas, D’Urbino, Lomazzi and Gianluigi Pieruzzi. She pursued her thesis degree under the leadership of professor arch. Marco Romano, urban planner, during the period in which he systematized his own theory on the aesthetics of the city and the morphological constants and variables of European cities from the year 1000 to today: that led Silvia to write her thesis titled ‘Genoa angoli neri’ and continue her studies on several other European cities. Later, Silvia worked as a designer in a local technical studio, a period in which she created several property development projects, building implementation plans and a project for the environmental renewal of two caves. From 2006, she is a freelancer collaborating with engineer Mario Serini, in the studio Serini Associati Arch-Ing., with whom she shares a professional partnership which is also a life project. She is passionate and curious , and interested in our artistic past as there is nothing to overlook: great traces have been left and many more shall come and the memorable ones shall not die, as traces of love for a discipline which is common heritage.